Maps community, With the Views website now offline, today marks the beginning of an exciting new adventure for those who enjoy sharing great, geotagged imagery.Effective today, you’re now gaining:• More exposure for your new Maps profile (see “Contributions” from the maps.side menu)• More exposure for all photo spheres you associate with Maps listings• Better integration with the rest of Google Maps In the very near term, we’ll also be:• Displaying the total number of published images in your account• Showing your total view count• Adding more ways to publish and geotag images And of course, we are working to deliver you additional useful tools in the near and longer term.Thank you for your patience during this transition.

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The stack of image thumbnails presented often use very vague titles that often bear no relation to the actual location.

Moreover, they appear to be sorted by date with no ability to sort by any other means."] ,[1] ,[1] ,[0,"What's happening Google?

The reworked Photos is full of holes, and now this. Confusing"] ,[0,"\ufeff"] ] ] ] ,[null,"","\ufeff",1439993206863,"z12awvo5eunhubj3122ech5gku3zwdvvw#1439993206863457",null,"101950337378893275191","z12awvo5eunhubj3122ech5gku3zwdvvw",false,false,null,false,null,null,0,[null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,false] ,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,false,null,["Jan Rojek","101950337378893275191",false,false,"","./101950337378893275191","male",null,false] ,["en",false,"English"] ,

In the public maps application, valuable information is now missing: no more blue dots to show where interesting imagery is located, and since the photo captions are no longer displayed, when you do find something of interest, no additional useful information about it is available.

One of the big attractions of imagery on Maps was that clusters of blue dots would guide viewers to places of special interest.

"] ,[1] ,[1] ,[0,"As well, the \"new\" Explore panel no longer highlights popular images, and many are quite obviously misplaced."] ,[1] ,[1] ,[0,"It is hard to see how the Contributions sidebar will give photographers \"more exposure\" since it is not location-sensitive.

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