During the film, Stewart infamously busted her relationship with Rob by having an affair with the director, Rupert Sanders.Without the help of a showmance, Kristen’s appeal waned drastically.Critics skewered her performance and Chris Hemsworth’s presence tested higher with audiences, which is why Kristen Stewart and her bloated salary were cut from the SWATH sequel.

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Kristen Stewart refuses to work with Robert Pattinson EVER again, sorry Twihards.

Is KStew ashamed of her career post-Twilight showmance? After Stewart and Pattinson’s contrived relationship and being made into a villain after the frenzy of Twilight fizzled it wouldn’t be a surprise if the lip-biting actress had regrets.

Kristen and Robert’s relationship did exactly what it was intended and created to do.

The tabloids had a constant stream of rumors, reports, and gossip when it came to the Twilight couple.

Fans ate up every detail and the showmance created a hype that packed theaters and made box office numbers swell.

However, the fake relationship clearly took a toll on Stewart who eventually found love with her assistant, Alicia Cargile.

Free of Twilight and Robert Pattinson, Kristen was free to be who she is.

After Twilight, Kristen quickly moved to another blockbuster project – Snow White and the Huntsman.

Stewart hinted that her handlers ran her life and career, orchestrating her relationship to further her career saying, “I’m a lot happier and feeling really good.